The reason why they claim that Adele secretly married her boyfriend

The British artist once again attracted the attention of the press after her statements at a concert in Las Vegas.

Adele’s talent makes her a unique artist in the world and that led her to conquer fans from all over, but also to steal many sighs. One of them was that of the renowned sports agent Rich Paul.

The love story of the British singer and the American began after she decided to radically change her life after her divorce from businessman Simon Konecki, father of her son. At that time, Adele moved to Los Angeles, focused on her physical and mental well-being, and began a new stage.

That’s how she was willing to bet on her love again and thanks to a mutual friend she met the man who would change her life and make him regain her trust. Rich Paul is the representative of some of the most recognized stars in basketball, such as LeBron James.

The first meeting between Adele and her partner took place at a party where she claimed the attraction happened instantly. There they danced and laughed all night and since then they have never been apart again.

The relationship was confirmed in September 2021, and now, two years after that moment, Adele and Rich Paul sparked rumors of a secret wedding. It all happened when the artist called her partner “husband” while she was on stage at her last show in Las Vegas.

“You can’t marry me. “I am heteros–ual, my love, and my husband are here tonight,” were the words she used while talking to a fan in the audience. That video quickly went viral on social networks and many users began to wonder if she had indeed married the sports agent.