The retro photo of Jennifer Aniston that left everyone speechless

Jennifer Aniston shared a vintage photo from many years ago and showed how different and hyper-cute she looked as a little girl.

Jennifer Aniston is undoubtedly one of the most iconic stars in Hollywood, both today and in all of history. She also has the particularity of looking as radiant and beautiful as she has since the beginning as if she conquered the passage of time. However, a recent retro photo that was released shows her as she has never been seen before.

Considered the queen of comedy by many, Jennifer Aniston is noted for her role as an actress but also for her charisma and beauty, having millions and millions of followers who love to know every detail of her life.

All this brings us to the recent photo that was shown on her Instagram profile, an account in which she has more than 42.9 million followers. She always shares postcards from her daily life, although now she surprises everyone with an image from her trunk of memories.

A few days ago, precisely on September 9, Jennifer Aniston celebrated the second anniversary of her brand LolaVie, a brand that she founded and is dedicated to hair care. And she did it by sharing a curious publication.

“Someone turns two and it’s not this 2-year-old girl,” commented the actress who played Rachel Green in the series Friends alongside a photograph of her when she was a baby. The image is in black and white, and she can be seen wearing a fun costume.

In just a few minutes, Jennifer Aniston’s publication received thousands of likes and comments. She was given more than 1.5 million “likes” and 4 thousand messages, something that not only denotes the magnet that she turns out to be the interpreter in each publication but also the impact of the photo she posted.

“So adorable”, “Happy birthday to LolaVie”, “Who would have thought that this little baby would be a big star when she grew up”, “The best brand was born two years ago”, “Your fans are so proud of you”, were some of the comments the image received.

Jennifer Aniston was born on February 11, 1969, the daughter of artist parents (John Aniston and Nancy Dow). After training and moving to Los Angeles, she got her first roles on TV with the series Molloy and the movie Camp Cucamonga in 1990. Years later, in ’94, she had a total explosion when she was part of the cast. from Friends.