The serious complaint involving Natalie Portman on the filming set

The actress was facing a new project when something happened on the filming set.

Natalie Portman was ready to return to action after her return to the Marvel Universe and the premiere of Thor: Love and Thunder. The actress was about to begin filming Lady in the Lake, the new Hulu series in which she was going to star.

The award-winning actress, who became one of Hollywood’s favorites, was already in the town of Baltimore where filming was taking place when she had to be suspended from one day to the next.

According to a local media report, a group of residents of the aforementioned site violently confronted the production of the series that Natalie Portman was filming and threatened them with not allowing them to continue filming there unless they paid them the sum of 50 thousand dollars.

Apparently, the people from the Lady in the Lake team flatly refused and the locals assured her that they would return that same night and she would shoot them if they did not pay her the required sum.

In a matter of hours, the formal complaint was filed and a spokesperson for Natalie Portman’s work team was certain: “The production decided to pause activities as a precaution and reschedule filming after finding another location.”

The production company Endeavor Content, in charge of the series, spoke with The Hollywood Reporter and told more details about it: “On Friday afternoon, on the Baltimore set of our production Lady in the Lake, before the arrival of the cast and the team, a driver from our production team was confronted by two men, one of whom brandished a gun directed at our driver; Then, both fled the scene.”

“We are working with the Baltimore Police Department as the investigation is ongoing. The safety of our team, cast and everyone who works on our productions is our top priority, and we are grateful that no one was injured,” they added to end their statement.

Lady in the Lake, the series that takes Natalie Portman away from the big screen, is based on the best-selling novel by Laura Lippman. The story takes place in the aforementioned town of Baltimore in the 60s, when a murder occurs that remains unsolved and leads the actress’s character to reinvent herself from a housewife to an investigative reporter.