The tremendous scam that Alejandro Sanz suffered

The reason why the interpreter of My friend left worrying messages on his social networks came to light.

Alejandro Sanz is going through some difficult days. He recently wrote a worrying message on his social networks that alerted fans to him. There, the interpreter of ‘My Friend’ admitted that he was not feeling well and that he was doing his best to return to the stage while on tour.

Hours later, the artist expressed himself again on his Twitter account, where he thanked the people for their affection. On this occasion, he revealed what was happening to him: “I had a strong outbreak this weekend and although the light has not yet finished coming, it seems that a firefly has woken up in my chest.”

“I don’t want to suspend the tour because I think with the right help and a little bit of compression and support at the shows, we’re going to pull it off. Besides, I think that locking myself up is not a good idea. Thanks for the warmth. Let’s go for tomorrow. The sun is on its way”, added Alejandro Sanz.

Now, it was finally known what is the real reason that the Spanish singer has it so bad. It was the reporter Jordi Martin who brought the controversial information to light and said that the reason would be that he was the victim of a great betrayal by someone close to him.

“He has been cheated, he has been deceived by a close friend of his, a person he trusts the most who organized his tour a year and a half ago in the United States,” said the journalist, adding that Alejandro Sanz had also confided in this person part of his personal patrimony.

“When (the tour) ended, they disagreed and demanded a figure of 200,000 euros from the singer. He refused to pay him and this former representative sued him in court in Miami,” added Jordi Martin.

This led Alejandro Sanz to have to make a drastic decision and sell his own mansion in Miami because his savings were blocked by the lawsuit.