The truth behind the death of Robin Williams was revealed

Robin Williams took his own life 9 years ago. His autopsy revealed an unthinkable situation for the family, which had been looking for answers to the actor’s problems for some time.

Robin Williams was one of the most important actors in Hollywood. He captivated the entire audience with his particular and touching humor, and beyond the personal tastes of each one, his early death generated a lot of pain throughout the world. After his suicide, the details of the autopsy performed on his body revealed unexpected truths.

It was on August 14, 2014, at the age of 63, when Robin Williams made the drastic decision to commit suicide. His family, loved ones, and the entire planet mourned his death, and much was said about the reasons that led him to take that tragic path.

Being such an important media figure, no one was exempt when it came to speculating theories about his dramatic end. Some versions indicated a strong depression and even a possible return of the artist to old addictions.

However, shortly after his death, the autopsy performed on Robin Williams’ body helped to clear up the mystery of his death.

During his lifetime, the actor had been initially diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease. However, the reality was that he was actually grappling with another neurodegenerative condition known as Dementia with Lewy bodies (LDB), which transformed the final days of his life into an agonizing ordeal.

Since then, both his ex-wife Susan Schneider,, and one of his children, Zak Williams, sought to deny those false speculations about the actor’s death and, at the same time, warn about this little-known illness that he suffered from.

Multiple times, it was reported that due to this relentless and unforgiving condition, Robin Williams experienced memory loss, paranoia, anxiety attacks, and various other disturbances, all without the benefit of a precise diagnosis to truly understand the extent of his ordeal. Regrettably, the accurate diagnosis only surfaced after the beloved star’s passing.