Victoria Ruffo explains why she doesn’t play a villain

Victoria Ruffo, the eternal protagonist of soap operas, is always recognized for that role. Although that doesn’t mean she can’t be a villain, there is a reason why she hasn’t and it has to do with an experience that forever marked her career.

During the eighties, Victoria Ruffo became very popular among housewives and teenagers when she appeared in fotonovelas. After venturing into soap operas, her face was seen more frequently on television and, after its distribution in various parts of the world, she became an internationally renowned star.

This is how this actress has stood out for her performance on the small screen, with Simply María being the one that brought her to world fame. Over time, she became known as “The Queen of Telenovelas” due to her leading roles in hit dramas such as Crown of Tears, Poor Rich Girl, and The Stepmother.

It’s no secret that Victoria Ruffo has always taken the role of the heroine, so more than one has wondered why she didn’t play a villain. However, there was one occasion in which she had an antagonistic role and it was in the novel In Search of Paradise, broadcast in 1982 where she played Grisel.

Although Grisel was not one of the main characters, she showed a less benevolent side compared to other interpretations of the actress. This gave her an unpleasant experience that influenced her career. “I had a hard time doing those… evil things,” Ruffo said. “He slapped everyone and I don’t do that.”

But not only did she have problems on the set but also with the spectators. “It was overwhelming,” the actress recalled. “The ladies came and scolded me for being so bad. I tried to explain to them that it wasn’t me, but my character, but the same thing. The impression generated by the villains is very strong.”

This caused her, over time, to only accept roles where she was the heroine. However there is also the issue that both the audience and the producers have become accustomed to her good-woman side, so it is already difficult for her to play other types of characters that do not conform to her image.

For Victoria Ruffo, her leading role gives her certain satisfactions that she could not feel as an antagonist. “I like to be the heroine, that my characters carry some message of improvement to women, that is also important to me,” she said on one occasion. “Villains always do badly and there is no message other than that if you do villains, things will go badly for you.”

Despite what has been said, she does not rule out that one day she could play a villainous role. Among her curiosities is her interest in being able to experience that type of role one day. It seems that she almost got it in a soap opera, but they finally gave the role to another actress, so she ended up being left wanting.