10 Most Dangerous Kids In The World

Every day, we are confronted with grim headlines about heinous crimes, often perpetrated by those we least expect – children. In this blog post, we’ll explore ten harrowing cases where young individuals were involved in disturbing criminal activities. These stories serve as a stark reminder of the darkness that can sometimes reside within young minds.

1. The Slenderman Stabbing – Morgan Geyser and Anissa Weier: In 2014, two 12-year-old girls, Morgan Geyser and Anissa Weier, shocked the world when they were charged with attempted first-degree murder. They had meticulously planned to kill their classmate to appease the fictional internet character, Slenderman. The victim survived after being stabbed 19 times.

2. Sasebo Slashing – The Mystery of “Girl A”: In Japan, a gruesome incident occurred in 2004, as a 12-year-old schoolgirl known as “Girl A” fatally attacked her classmate. This case raised concerns about juvenile criminal liability in Japan and the accidental release of the perpetrator’s identity.

3. The Tragic Beaver Brothers Case: The shocking events of 2015 in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma, involved the murder of five family members. Two young survivors, aged two and one, revealed that their brothers, Robert and Michael Beaver, were responsible. The brothers were charged with five counts of first-degree murder.

4. Jasmine Richardson’s Dark Tale: In 2006, a 12-year-old Canadian girl, Jasmine Richardson, was convicted of planning and executing the murder of her family members. Her partner in this crime, Jeremy Steinke, was also charged. Jasmine remains one of the youngest people to be convicted of multiple first-degree murders in Canada.

5. Shirley Wolf and Cindy Collier: In 1983, two teenage girls, Shirley Wolf (15) and Cindy Collier (14), fled a group home with deadly intentions. They ended up at the door of an 86-year-old woman, Anna Breckett, in Auburn. What followed was a chilling act of violence, resulting in multiple stabbings.

6. Nahimia Grgo’s Brutal Act: Nahimia Grgo, a 15-year-old boy, committed a horrifying act in 2013. He shot his family members, including his mother and younger siblings. His motive remains unclear, but the consequences were tragic. He was sentenced to a juvenile detention until he turned 21.

7. James Fairweather’s Rampage: James Fairweather, a 15-year-old, embarked on a violent rampage that included the brutal murder of a man and an attempted attack on a woman in Essex, England. He believed he was possessed and heard voices, ultimately leading to a life imprisonment sentence.

8. The Thompson Toddlers Tragedy: A heartbreaking incident unfolded in Houston, Texas, where a couple left their children alone to get pizza. A tragic accident occurred when an oven tipped over, resulting in a toddler’s death. The parents now face legal consequences.

9. The Notorious Stuart Harling: Stuart Harling, a 19-year-old, shocked the UK when he stabbed a nurse to death in a frenzied attack. He admitted to having delusions and murderous plans, ultimately leading to a life sentence.

10. Keith Randlich’s Heart-Wrenching Crime: At the age of 17, Keith Randlich committed a heinous act by fatally stabbing his 4-year-old sister. He claimed it was to protect her from a threat, though no evidence supported his claims. He was sentenced to 40 years in prison.

These cases serve as a haunting reminder that darkness can lurk within the minds of young individuals, leading to devastating consequences for victims and perpetrators alike.